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The great businesses of the future will solve the world's most pressing challenges – our goal is to find the best, today.

We invest in European early-stage impact ventures between pre-seed and series B.

Investment Process

Investment Process

We strive for speed and quality in our decision-making. That's why we walk every founder through a 6-step investment process designed to quickly take promising ventures from first contact point to our investment committee. We do this by prioritizing short feedback loops and granting internal buy-in as long as at least 1 senior principal and 1 partner believe in the opportunity.

Partner Buy-in
Founder Follow-ups
Cash Transfer

Initial Filter

Sub-sections: (1) Data collection & storage, (2) Evaluate, (3) Progress or Pass.

Expected Duration: Approximately 2 Weeks.


Early Diligence

Sub-sections: (1) Risk & Opportunity Framework, (2) Enhanced Data Collection, (3) Impact Framework

Expected Duration: Approximately 2 Weeks.


Initial Memo

Sub-sections: (1) Summary, (2) Product, (3) Business, (4) Team, (5) Impact, (6) P&L

Expected Duration: Approximately 3 Weeks.


In-Depth Memo

Sub-sections: (1) Hypothesis & Narrative, (2) Impact KPI Finalization, (3) HoTs Proposal

Expected Duration: Approximately 2 Weeks.


Close Process

Sub-sections: (1) Agreed HoTs, (2) Tech & Legal DD, (3) Longform Drafting

Expected Duration: Approximately 1 Week.


Portfolio Integration

Sub-sections: (1) Reporting Process, (2) Board Ratified, (3) Growth Process

Expected Duration: Ongoing.


Meet the people building businesses that solve problems we actually care about.

KETS Quantum Security

Chris Erven

Co-founder & CEO

Protecting data from a new generation of cyberattacks

Kets is the leading quantum-safe hardware solutions provider that secures the world’s most valuable resource – information.


Marie Taquet

Founder & CEO

Edtech startup

Software sales training academy, providing an omnichannel portfolio of courses to upskill and reskill individuals.


Nuno Brito Jorge, Manuel Nery Nina and Luís Couto


Impact investment.

The first Portuguese crowdlending platform that finances social and environmental impact projects using its community of investors focused on sustainable and financial impact.

Nui Care

Markus Mueller, Jochen Seemann and Christian Ehl


The app intelligent assistant that provides caregivers more peace of mind.

Nui Care is the app intelligent assistant that supports family caregivers with their specific home care challenges through targeted information and support offerings.

Markus Mueller, Jochen Seemann and Christian Ehl, Co-founders of Nui Carem the app intelligent assistant that supports family caregivers with their specific home care challenges through targeted information and support offerings.


Mitul K. Jain, Chris Kane, Cristian M.


Helping brick & mortar businesses build better relationships with their customers while becoming more sustainable.

Leaf digitizes the way merchants engage with their customers through digital receipts that collect customer data to improve customer online and offline experience.


Hans Kayaert, Kasparas Aleknavičius, Bart Van Remortele and Stevi Frooninckx.


Promoting tax transparency and accountability across the corporate sector.

loc.tax is a software that helps tax managers build and maintain a dynamic, visual
representation of Legal Organisational Charts, supported by relevant legal and tax data, which
they can adopt to better perform their jobs of tax analysis and related decisions.


Brian Plackis Cheng, Salome Isanovic, Antonia and Nikolaus Albert.

CEO, VP and Co-founders

Matchmaking and service delivery platform for high-quality senior home care.

Careship offers a fully digital user journey that allows matching of elderly people in need of non-medical companionship care and their loved ones with vetted high-quality caregivers.


Nikki Michelsen and Leah Remfry-Peploe


Menstrual cycles brand focused on reshaping the way people experience their entire cycles.

ohne offers 100% organic period products customised to each customer’s unique cycle length, as well as a community platform to share information and experiences.


Carlo Thissen, Raphael Allstadt and Allan Bettarel


Interactive meeting recorder that empowers employees to live and work on their own schedule.

tl;dv enables team members to highlight important moments during live meetings and to tag specific colleagues that didn't join live to allow them work and collaborate efficiently towards better outcomes by making all relevant live interaction insights accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any time and at own pace.

Vanilla Steel

Matthias Affeldt, Clifford Ondara, Alexis Ducros and Simon Zühlke


First and only independent digital platform for excess steel and stainless in Europe.

Vanilla Steel is an independent managed e-auction platform for the steel industry that enables a competitive bidding process of non-prime steel to help producers and processors find the right customers at the best price, and for buyers to access this illiquid and difficult to price material.


Grace Mehrabe and Arthur Caillaud


Smart search engine that makes workplace information more accessible.

The first fully plug & play internal search engine that accelerates access to relevant data which is spread among today’s workplace applications.


João Magalhães and José Bastos


Telemedicine software for virtual healthcare.

Knok delivers house and video calls on demand, addressing the needs of the entire population, especially elders and children. Knok partners with leading Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Insurers to deliver industry superior telemedicine solutions.


Rui Bento and Nuno Rodrigues


Sustainable delivery-first virtual kitchens.

Kitch is a Lisbon-based startup building delivery-first kitchens to house a selection of the city’s favorite restaurants, and most creative chefs, committed to implementing tech-based solutions to reduce food waste and improve energy efficiency in food production and delivery.


Emanuel Badehi Kullander, Ola Lowden and Tobias Mård


Micro-insurances for the circular economy.

Omocom offers tailored on-demand microinsurance solutions for the circular economy. It builds and develops digital systems for risk calculation, matching, design of insurance terms and claims settlement specifically for this new environment. The digital insurance solution is integrated directly into the sales flow on online platforms and it is activated only while the items are being used.


Guilherme Guerra and Francisco Bento are co-founders

Carlota Carmo is Marketing Manager

A rental marketplace for everyday items.

Rnters is redefining the future of ownership by giving access to everything while enabling people to earn extra income from previous investments. By making renting more viable than buying, Rnters will disrupt communities’ consumption patterns by tackling one of the biggest problems of our generation: overconsumption and its derived pollution. Rnters will continuously lead this path of reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary buying


Daniel Bowen and Nico Blier-Silvestri


Empowering HR to uncover organizations' true culture.

Platypus measures, analyses and tracks the alignment of an individual's values with the culture and values of an organisation. The solution helps transform company culture from a static, top-down mission statement into adaptable, measurable data of what employees actually value in a company. Platypus also assesses person-to-organisation alignment as culture develops over time in order to identify the areas that need further attention - minimizing the risk of losing employees.

Student Finance

Mariano Kostelec and Marta Palmeiro


Shaping the workforce for the digital economy by investing in the talent of tomorrow.

There are over 700k unfilled vacancies for technology roles in Europe. Mariano Kostelec, Marta Palmeiro, Miguel Santo Amaro and Sergio Pereira co-founded Student Finance to tackle this issue. Student Finance is a platform that analyses real-time job market data and partners with education providers of ‘in-demand’ skills, to finance their students through Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”).

Our Team

Meet the team positioning Lisbon at the centre of European impact tech. They back talented teams solving the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time.

António Miguel

Managing Partner

António has worked in impact investment for +10 years in the UK, Canada and Europe. He serves on the board of Rnters, Kitch, Omocom and Ohne. He lives by the motto that 99 is not 100. Antonio teaches Impact Investment at NOVA SBE and previously was an analyst at Social Finance UK. He holds a MSc in Business Administration from Católica Business School and is a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

Henry Wigan

Managing Partner

He was formerly a Director and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock in London, having started his career at Goldman Sachs. Henry holds a First Class Honours degree from London School of Economics in Economics and Economic History. Henry serves on the boards of Winnow, Goodclub and Knok Healthcare.

Alex Pitt


Formerly Senior Vice President at Mubadala in Abu Dhabi, Project Leader with The Boston Consulting Group in New York, Chicago and Dubai, and Investment Banking Analyst with Goldman Sachs in London. London School of Economics BSc and Stanford MBA.

Cristina Almeida

Head of Platform

Cristina is a management consultant turned into storyteller. She was an analyst at EY, seconded at Impact Investment Group in Australia and learned the ins and outs of startups at Mellow. Cristina has created engaging content for +50 entrepreneurs and curated dozens of unforgettable MAZE events for our partners. BsC in Economics from NOVA SBE, BsC in Political Science from ISCSP.

Manuel Antunes

Investment Associate

Manuel is a waterman, a cyclist and an investor in our team. He is responsible for finding great founders aligned with our impact thesis. Manuel was formerly a Business Developer at Bloomberg working a lot in Nordics and the UK. Before that he had a go as a founder starting a small surf business in Portugal. Holds a BA in Economics and completed the 3 CFA Programme levels. He is a guest lecturer of Sustainable Finance at Nova SBE.

Sofia Queiroz

Investment Analyst

Sofia brings analytical rigour to our investment decisions and diligently builds the impact case of the ventures we partner with. When not working, Sofia can be found surfing or horseback riding. Previously a Financial Services Consultant at Deloitte. MSc in ESCP Europe, BSc in Management from Catolica Lisbon School of Business.

Ana Pinheiro

Operations Manager

Prior to joining the fund, Ana was a Project Management Officer at BNP Paribas where she mastered the delicate art of managing operations. Ana is also an alumnus from SheCodes and a post-grad in Applied Management at Nova SBE in Lisbon. Ana holds a MSc in Culture Studies in Lisbon, and BSc in Languages, Literature and Cultures in Lisbon and Cambridge.

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